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We help you understand what your best customers admire​ most about your brand.

We discover what moves them to feel
awe​ when they engage with your brand.

We uncover what inspires their deepest
gratitude​ toward you and your team.

Ultimately, we help you understand why​ ​they​ ​tell​ ​others​ ​about​ ​you. Then, we help you build the company, culture, products, services and experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations again and again so they keep talking about you.


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What Our Clients Say

 Clients Have Earned These Awards and More

TBI masterfully assessed our capabilities, identified our strengths and weaknesses and quickly launched into a 3-5 year plan that has afforded us the coveted position of a best in class voice of the customer program.”

— Director Research and Analysis, Financial Services Company

Tony is a master at taking complex situations and breaking them down into manageable components that can easily be made actionable and shared. His communication skills at all levels of the organization are effective and impactful.”

— General Manager, Multi-Award Winning Resort

Tony’s a true expert in his field and I’ve always looked up to him for guidance in how to better run my business and serve my clients. What truly separates him in my mind is his ability to take concepts that are complex and make them easy to understand just like he did in CXDisrupt live. I absolutely recommend him to all and if there was a sixth star I would've clicked on that button too. Appreciate you Tony Bodoh and all that you do!”

— Jason Botts, Entrepreneur and Former Major League Baseball Player


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Creating a Stronger Customer Experience by Listening - Podcast Part 1
In the first of a 3-part series, I was interviewed by Kayla Barrett of Organization Impact to discuss the business benefits of listening to the voice of your customer to create a strong customer experience. Kayla wanted to understand more about the hidden language customers speak that reveal their core needs and desires from a business. She also wanted to know how companies that understand this language create a unique customer experience that the competition cannot replicate.

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Creating a Stronger Customer Experience by Listening - Podcast Part 2
I was interviewed by Kayla Barrett, President of Organization Impact, for part two of our joint podcast series. I share what businesses can do with the information they receive or gather from customers.

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Creating a Stronger Customer Experience by Listening - Podcast Part 3
We continue our Voice of the Customer series with leadership and employee engagement expert Kayla Barrett of Organization Impact. I share how to take the customer experience message to your team of employees.

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